Episode 2: Landfall\Wild Man (1977)

In Episode 2 we’re taking a slight jump back in time to look at two films that premiered just prior to Sleeping Dogs in 1977: Paul Maunder’s Landfall, about a small commune descending into violence and isolation, which was shot in 1975 as a telefeature and marks the feature debut of one Sam Neill; and Geoff Murphy’s Wild Man, the big screen off-shoot of the Blerta TV series.

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Landfall (no poster available)

Director: Paul Maunder
Producer: David H. Fowler
Screenplay: Paul Maunder
Director of Photography: Lynton Diggle
Editors: Paul Maunder, Maxine Schurr

Sandra…Denise Maunder
John…John Anderson
Eric…Sam Neill
Elizabeth…Gael Anderson
Girl…Rowena Zinsli

Wild Man posterWild Man

Director: Geoff Murphy
Producers: Bruno Lawrence, Roy Murphy
Executive Producer: John Barnett
Screenplay: Bruno Lawrence, Geoff Murphy, Martyn Sanderson, Ian Watkin
Director of Photography: Alun Bollinger
Editor: Ross Chambers

Wild Man…Bruno Lawrence
The Colonel…Ian Watkin
Dombey Morgan…Tony Barry
The Snake…Martyn Sanderson


  • The audio quality on this episode is a bit rough – volume levels vary more than they should and our lack of pop screens is evident – but still very listenable.
  • Both films are available to watch in full at NZ On Screen! Landfall can be found here, and Wild Man is here. While you’re there, take the time to click around and check out some of the other stuff on offer.
  • Jonathan Dennis, founding director of the New Zealand Film Archive, has a small role in Landfall as a TV reporter.
  • On its original theatrical release Wild Man was accompanied by Dagg Day Afternoon, a short film also directed by Murphy. Despite New Zealand’s continued affection for the iconic Fred Dagg character, the short has never been released on home video.

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