Episode 3: Off the Edge\Solo (1977)

In this week’s episode we’ll finish off 1977 by taking a look at two more films: Michael Firth’s Oscar-nominated skiing documentary Off the Edge; and Tony Williams’ relationship drama Solo.

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Off the EdgeOff the Edge

Director: Michael Firth
Producer: Michael Firth
Screenplay: Molly Gregory
Director of Photography: Michael Firth
Camera Operators: Michael Firth, Geoff Cocks, Geoff Steven, Tony Lilleby
Editor: Michael Economou

Jeff Campbell, Blair Trenholme


Director: Tony Williams
Producers: David Hannay, Tony Williams
Screenplay: Tony Williams, Martyn Sanderson
Director of Photography: John Blick
Editor: Tony Williams

Paul Robinson…Vincent Gil
Judy Ballantyne…Lisa Peer
Jules Catweazle…Martyn Sanderson
Billy Robinson…Perry Armstrong


  • More info about Off the Edge, as well a shop where you can obtain the DVD, can be found at www.offtheedge.co.nz. Sadly, the website has been re-designed since this episode was recorded and no longer sports the retro ’90s design that Hayden mentions.
  • Solo finally received a local DVD release earlier this year. More info about the various home video versions can be found at NZ Videos, while the disc itself is currently available from Mighty Ape.

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