Episode 9: Squeeze (1980)

After a lengthy hiatus, Never Repeats returns with a discussion of Richard Turner’s Squeeze, a controversial gay drama made at a time when homosexuality was still illegal under New Zealand law.

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Director and Producer: Richard Turner
Screenplay: Richard Turner
Director of Photography: Ian Paul
Editor: Jamie Selkirk

Grant…Robert Shannon
Paul…Paul Eady
Joy…Donna Akersten
Riki…Peter Heperi
John…David Herkt


  • One of our primary sources of information in this episode (and in almost every episode we release) is the book New Zealand Film 1912-1996 by Helen Martin and Sam Edwards. It’s one of our key reference texts and we don’t acknowledge it often enough, which we’ll try to rectify in the future.
  • As noted in this episode, Squeeze isn’t commercially available anywhere. The only way to view the film is at the Ngā Taonga medialibrary. There is, however, a 10 minute excerpt available to watch at NZ On Screen. That excerpt is most likely taken from the same source we watched at Ngā Taonga, and demonstrates just how badly this film needs to be restored and preserved.
  • We also mentioned an excellent article by David Herkt available on the Public Address website. There’s lots of wonderful detail in there, and the comments are worth a read too.
  • If you’re interested in Richard Turner’s earlier work, both Two Rivers Meet and his pioneering TV drama Death of the Land are available to watch through NZ On Screen.

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