Episode 18: Next of Kin (1982)

In an attempt to revise their opinions on director Tony Williams (Solo), Hayden and L.J. take a slight detour to look at the obscure Australian horror movie Next of Kin. The story of a young woman who takes over the running of a rural nursing home after her mother’s death, Next of Kin began life as a local Kiwi production, but gradually morphed into an Aussie film for various financial reasons. Does it hold up better than Solo did?

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Next of Kin poster

Director: Tony Williams
Producer: Robert Le Tet
Screenplay: Michael Heath and Tony Williams
Director of photography: Gary Hansen
Editor: Max Lemon
Music: Klaus Schulze

Jackie Kerin
Barney…John Jarrett
Dr. Barton…Alex Scott
Connie…Gerda Nicolson
Lance…Charles McCallum


  • Unfortunately, Next of Kin isn’t the easiest film to get hold of on DVD. There was an Australian DVD release but it appears to be out of print, so your best bet would be second-hand sources such as eBay. There is also a DVD release from Germany which appears to still be available. It has the original English soundtrack, and can be specially ordered from D&T Mailorder.
  • If you live in New Zealand, Aro Video has a copy of the Australian DVD available for rent.
  • If you want more background information on Next of Kin, the best place to start is the Ozmovies website which boasts a huge amount of information from a range of sources. Most of the research that went into this episode was drawn from Ozmovies.
  • Looking to track down the great Klaus Schulze soundtrack? It’s never had an official release, but portions of it can be found scattered through his discography. The film’s main theme is ‘Death of an Analogue’ from his 1980 album “Dig It”. The track ‘Georg Trakl’ from his album “X” also appears in the film. The bulk of the score he created for the film, however, is available as a bonus track called ‘Gem’ on the 2005 re-issue of his album “Audentity”.
  • Most of the music can be sampled on Youtube, including this video setting ‘Death of an Analogue’ to a slideshow of images from the film. Note that the top comment is from lead actress Jackie Kerin!
  • Although IMDb isn’t usually the best source for film info (it’s littered with incorrect and unreliable data) Tony Williams has posted on their message board with a description of scenes deleted from the film before it was released.
  • Tragically, Next of Kin‘s talented cinematographer Gary Hansen was killed in a helicopter accident in August 1982.
  • Although Next of Kin was Tony Williams’ last fiction feature to date, he has directed a couple of documentaries in recent years. For more information on Williams and his recent work, visit Four Donkey Films.
  • Near the end of this episode, Hayden incorrectly refers to the documentary Not Quite Hollywood, calling it “Never Quite Hollywood”. Words – how do they work?

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