Episode 19: Battletruck (1982)

It’s the apocalypse! The world has been decimated by the oil wars, leaving small settlements of survivors to fend off roaming outlaws. When Corlie (Annie McEnroe) escapes the clutches of her father, the evil Colonel Straker (James Wainwright), she is rescued by the reclusive Hunter (Michael Beck) and taken in by a small democratic commune. But Straker wants his daughter back, and he’s coming for her in his Battletruck!

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Battletruck poster

Director: Harley Cokliss
Producers: Lloyd Phillips, Rob Whitehouse
Screenplay: Irving Austin, Harvey Cokliss, John Beech, from a story by Michael Abrams
Director of photography: Chris Menges
Editor: Michael Horton

…Michael Beck
Corlie…Annie McEnroe
Straker…James Wainwright
Willie…Bruno Lawrence
Bone…John Bach
Judd…Randolph Powell


  • It turns out that Battletruck is (God help us) getting a Blu-Ray release in Japan at the beginning of 2017. For more information on how to purchase the Blu-Ray, or the American DVD release, visit NZ Videos.
  • In some territories Battletruck was released under the title Warlords of the 21st Century.
  • While our own response to Battletruck was resoundingly negative, we should note that the film does have a fanbase. If you think our assessment was totally off, get in touch and let us know what you think we overlooked or got wrong. We’re always in the market for alternative viewpoints.
  • Roger Corman demanded the film be shot with lots of coverage so it could be built in the editing suite, but the editing was eventually undertaken in Wellington by Michael Horton without Corman’s input. After attending test screenings, Corman’s only demand was the removal of two lines of dialogue, because he didn’t like the way the test audience reacted to them.
  • If you want more information on the film, there’s an interview with director Harley Cokliss conducted by the BFI up on YouTube. His last name is spelled ‘Cokeliss’ here, a spelling he appears to have adopted professionally around the year 1990.

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