Episode 33: An Interview with David Blyth (Part Two)

In the second of a two-part special, Hayden and L.J. sit down with director David Blyth (Angel Mine, Death Warmed Up) for an in-depth discussion of his career. In this episode we talk about his work on ’90s TV shows like White Fang and Fresh-up in the Deep End, his documentaries about BDSM (Bound for Pleasure) and masking (Transfigured Nights), his controversial return to feature film-making with Wound, and his ongoing series of interviews with war veterans Memories of Service.

Download this episode (right click and save)


  • For more information on David Blyth and his films the best resource is probably his website. There are plenty of links to news articles and resources about his most recent work – as well as contact information for the man himself.
  • A number of the works discussed in this episode are available to view at NZ On Screen. These include the war documentaries Our Oldest Soldier and French Connection, and war veteran interview series Memories of Service. Unfortunately The Call Up can no longer be watched in full, but only as a 10 minute excerpt.
  • If you’re looking for copies of Wound or Ghost Bride, your best resource is NZ Videos.
  • Sadly, neither Bound for Pleasure or Transfigured Nights have ever received home video releases, and the streaming service that previously hosted Bound for Pleasure is no longer online. Your best hope of seeing either film is probably to get in touch with David himself. Good news! Both Bound for Pleasure and Transfigured Nights are available to rent and buy through the The Wallace Arts Channel on Vimeo. We highly recommend both.

2 thoughts on “Episode 33: An Interview with David Blyth (Part Two)

  1. Thank you, thank you for the Blyth interview. I hope you are able to get a few more of these from directors that are getting along in years, such as Gaylene Preston and Ian Mune. – Charles


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