Episode 35: Constance (1984)

Never Repeats takes a trip back in time to post-WWII Auckland, a decidedly unglamorous place to live, unless you’re Constance Elsworthy (Donogh Rees). A stylish and ambitious debut, Bruce Morrison’s Constance is both a tribute to, and subversion of, the great Hollywood melodramas. Hayden and L.J. gather round their microphones to talk about the  complex nature of the central character, the film’s design, and whether it lives up to its ambitions.

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Director: Bruce Morrison
Producer: Larry Parr
Screenplay: Jonathan Hardy, Bruce Morrison
Director of photography: Kevin Hayward
Editor: Philip Howe

Constance Elsworthy…
Donogh Rees
Alexander Elsworthy…Martin Vaughan
Sylvia Elsworthy…Judie Douglass
Richard…Mark Wignall
Noeline…Hester Joyce
John Munroe…Donald MacDonald
Mrs. Barr…Lee Grant
Simon Maylon…Shane Briant


  • While the Screenline DVD of Constance is indeed out of print, copies aren’t difficult to track down. NZ Videos links to an international supplier selling new copies, and there are numerous TradeMe auctions for second-hand discs.
  • If you want more Donogh Rees you can check out the short film Pheno was Here at NZ On Screen.
  • We also recommend the ScreenTalk interview with Bruce Morrison.

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