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Never Repeats Podcast is a film-by-film journey through modern New Zealand cinema, hosted by actor Hayden Frost and author L.J. Ritchie. We will watch, review, and discuss every New Zealand fiction feature film, from 1977’s Sleeping Dogs onwards. Our country has a tendency to exalt a small number of well-regarded films, and allow the rest of our sizable body of cinematic features to be forgotten. Most local films are shown theatrically on initial release, and never repeated. We intend to shine a light on the forgotten corners of our film history, see how these films play to a modern audience, and hopefully find some hidden gems along the way.

Hayden Frost is an Auckland-born, Wellington-raised actor with experience in both film and television, as well as on stage. He’s been passionate about cinema ever since Peter Jackson’s seminal Bad Taste warped his mind at the tender age of 11. While his tastes may skew more high-brow these days, his mind is still a desolate wasteland of exploitation movie trivia.

L.J. Ritchie is the Wellington-based author of young adult thriller Like Nobody’s Watching. He dabbled in amateur film-making as a teenager, and while his primary medium these days may be the written word, he maintains a healthy interest in film. With this podcast, he is finally able to justify his vast collection of New Zealand films, purchased from rental stores at the end of the VHS era, without which the project may not have been feasible.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Greetings all –
    Thanks for the link, I will reciprocate, but please tell me more about this adventure of yours.
    Please clarify how you are doing: “We will watch, review, and discuss every New Zealand fiction feature film, from 1977’s Sleeping Dogs onwards.” Is this a live online event? Is it only available to New Zealanders? Will it be archived at this site? Let me know if you have difficulty locating any title – I have most of them and can assist in locating copies, if needed.

    In short, please tell me more so I can promote what you are doing.



    • Hey Charles,

      We’re doing a podcast watching and discussing every film in order. First episode is Sleeping Dogs and goes up tomorrow (the website is still a bit of a work-in-progress while we get all the behind the scenes stuff sorted out).

      We’re pretty good when it comes to accessing films, my co-host Logan spent the dying days of VHS scouring video stores for copies of obscure local films, and any he’s missing we can watch at the Film Archive. Though we’ve only checked our sources for films up to 1990, we may well come across films that we’ll need your help to get good quality copies of.

      By the way, did you know your site is quoted on the sleeve of the German Blu-Ray release of ‘Race for the Yankee Zephyr’?


  2. Howdy. Wondering how you guys are going to do this when a lot of NZ films are not available anymore, or haven’t been released on home video in decades. Will you also point us in the direction on where we can purchase them after your reviews?


    • Hi, Hamish. We have between the two of us a large personal collection of NZ films on home video, including many that have not been released since the VHS era. For the films we don’t own copies of, we’re lucky to live in Wellington and have access to the comprehensive media library at Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, so that makes the project much more achievable. We aim to point out in each episode if and where the films are available on home video – more are available than you might think, especially if you include streaming services and videos released overseas. If we don’t mention it in the podcast itself, check the notes on the episode post on our website. http://www.nzvideos.org is another great resource for finding out about home video releases. Unfortunately, there are some films which are still very difficult to see. Hopefully, the Film Commission’s current project to restore and digitise NZ features will improve availability over the next few years.


  3. Hey guys! (I hope you get notifications) Is one of you interested in guesting on the Rancho Notorious PORK PIE podcast on Monday 6 or Tuesday 7 February? Would be good to talk about your podcast and other activities too.


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