Episode 29: Strata (1983)

High on a volcanic plateau, a writer is interviewing a volcanologist in order to write a biography. In the valley below, a mis-matched group of travellers (recently escaped from quarantine) attempt to reach civilisation. These are the two strands that intertwine to make Strata, Geoff Steven’s 1983 follow-up to Skin Deep. A bold attempt to emulate some of the qualities of Eastern European cinema, will Strata turn out to be as much of a hidden gem as Steven’s earlier work?

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Director: Geoff Steven
Producer: John Maynard
Screenplay: Ester Krumbachová, Geoff Steven, Michael Havas
Director of photography: Leon Narbey
Editor: David Coulson
Music: Mike Nock


  • Strata is not an easy film to get your hands on. We can’t find any record of an official home video release anywhere in the world. Aro Video has a VHS copy available for rent, which they appear to have sourced directly from the Film Commission.
  • Apologies for the poor quality of the film clips used in this episode. They were distractingly noisy, and required severe noise reduction to be listenable.

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