Episode 4: Angel Mine (1978)

We may have promised you two films this week but we thought David Blyth’s subversive classic Angel Mine deserved an episode all to itself. The story of a young married couple attempting to escape into their fantasies, Angel Mine was branded with an R18 rating upon initial release – along with the amazing warning ‘CONTAINS PUNK CULT MATERIAL’. Indeed!

Download this episode (right click and save)

Angel Mine PosterDirector: David Blyth
Producers: David Blyth, Warren Sellers
Screenplay: David Blyth
Director of Photography: John Earnshaw
Editor: Philip Howe

Derek Ward
Jennifer Redford
Myra de Groot
Mike Wilson


  • Thankfully, Angel Mine is easily available on DVD. Check out NZ Videos for sources.
  • For more info on David Blyth check out his official website.
  • Circadian Rhythms, Blyth’s first short film, makes a great companion piece to Angel Mine. A tremendously confident work, featuring some great experimental montage. It’s included on the Angel Mine DVD and we’ll discuss it in more depth in our upcoming David Blyth career overview.
  • Want to know more about The Suburban Reptiles? Here’s the whole story.

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