Episode 32: An Interview with David Blyth (Part One)

In the first of a two-part special, Hayden and L.J. sit down with director David Blyth (Angel Mine, Death Warmed Up) for an in-depth discussion of his career. In this episode we talk about the making of his controversial first feature Angel Mine, working on the TV soap Close to Home, getting A Woman of Good Character off the ground, meeting Alejandro Jodorowsky, being fired from The Horror Show, directing on the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and much, much more.

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  • Something we completely forgot to mention in our intro is that the other voice you hear popping in from time to time is Michael Heath, who wrote Death Warmed Up and Moonrise.
  • For more information on David Blyth and his films the best resource is probably his website. There are plenty of links to news articles and resources about his most recent work – as well as contact information for the man himself.
  • David’s work can be frustratingly difficult to track down, with some films unavailable on DVD, some only available from various international sources, and some not on home video at all. For Angel Mine and A Woman of Good Character you can refer to the notes for our podcast episodes about them. For the rest of his NZ-shot films there’s information available at the always reliable NZ Videos website. When it comes to everything else, your best bet is to check out Amazon and eBay.

2 thoughts on “Episode 32: An Interview with David Blyth (Part One)

  1. Great insightful interview, thank you for sharing and your great work. David Blyth’s film Death Warmed Up is one of my all time favourites and I really need to check out more of David’s work soon. I wish there was a little more chat on Death Warmed Up – have you guys ever discussed that in depth in another episode? All the best from Scotland 🎞🎥🎬📽👍


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